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Application for filling out forms ... More »
Gendarme for Windows Phone 7
I arranged my Silverlight game for Windows Phone 7. You can see it on the screenshot. After I was done, I tried to register myself as a WP7 developer, so that I could place this game on the WP7 Marketplace. I was very disappointed to find out that only people from some countries can register as developers.
Card Game "Gendarme"
This is my first Silverlight card game. Gendarme is a French word meaning a police constable, or a cop. Gendarme in this game is the jack card. When used, it wins and takes all the other cards. This is a game that I played in my childhood, and I'm not sure if I recall of all the rules correctly. If not, then I invented some of my own, which doesn't make the game less exciting. I'm not into card games or gambling, so don't expect from me the correct card game lingo.
The rules go something like this:
When you press the Start button, the first hand is dealth. In each hand of the first game you play first, and the computer second. In the next game, the computer plays first, and so on alternately. Only at the game start, four cards from the card deck are placed on the table. You play by moving cards, and placing them on the table. A card must be placed exactly within the outlines of the table, or else it will fly back, and you have to move it again. Jack is the main card in the game. If you place a jack card on the table, you win all the cards. King wins only another king, and a queen wins only another queen. The other cards can win the card with the same number, eg. 6 would take a 6, but you can also take combinations. For example, 6 can take 1 + 2 + 3, or 5 + 1, and so on. If there is only one combination that you can take, the computer does it for you automatically. In case of multiple combinations that you can take with your card, you enter the picking mode where you can pick exact combination that you want, and you'll be asked to repeat that if the cards don't add up. Suits don't matter in this game, except in two cases, and both are concerning the scoring. Only two cards in the card deck are special. The 2 of clubs worths 10 points, and 10 of diamonds was also but I can't remember how much was it worth. For now it will be only 10 points. Jack, queen and king are all worth each 10 points. Other cards are worth their numeric value. Who plays last, in the last hand, even if he hasn't won anything, he gets the remaining cards on the table. If a jack is dealth at the beginning on the table, it's placed back at the bottom of the card deck. The computer playing is not very intelligent at the moment, but it's still challanging to play. So enjoy playing it! Press here to play.
Flipping the Image on the WPF Webcam Control

Back in January, while I was working on a WPF application, I was tasked to embed the Webcam control by Geert van Horrik in it, to enable the application for photo capture. When I embedded the control, I noticed that the cam preview and the captured image were mirrored horizontally, I needed to figure out how to flip them back ... More »

WPF application for management of a moving company ... More »

This is my first Silverlight application. Silverlight is a slimmed down version of WPF, but it is cross-platform and cross-browser. This means the game will work on Mac, and on Linux as well as on Windows, and in all major web browsers, but Silverlight runtime has to be installed. That is a plug-in similar to the Flash Player. The game is about guessing capital cities. There are ten questions, each worth 10 points. Wrong answer takes away ten points. Press here to play.

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